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Dumb Stick Tow Bar


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This unique and simple design allows you to easily cart your kayak or canoe behind your bicycle.

Shown here being used with our Scupper Cart (sold separately)
» 33 inches long to clear all back bicycle tires
» Durable construction will never rust or rot
» Lightweight (about 2 lbs)
» Easy to set up, slip the seat post through
» 30 pound tongue weight capacity
» Easy to use can be used with any kayak or canoe cart.
» large pivoting clip for easy attach and detach of boat
»  spacer provided to keep the bar in place
» Made in USA
» The Dumb Stick is made with durable yet lightweight materials, making it rust free  
» Just remove the seat post, slip on the dumb stick, place the spacer on the post and re attach. Next place the boat on a cart, clip the grab handle of the boat to the large clip on the Dumb Stick.. That's it.. 5 minutes and you are on your way..
» Great with wagons, golf Clubs, grocery getters etc.  Not recommended to be used in transporting people.
» Best of all its inexpensive, easy and simple to use.